Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Stormwater Facilities Masterplan

The scope of the SWMP is to establish a framework for the document and commence planning with a drainage shed approach, specifically developing two proposed improvement projects encompass storm drainage systems and related facilities influencing water quantity (time of delivery) and quality as well as required maintenance.  The study includes the stormwater collection and conveyance systems, such as inlets, manholes, storm drain piping and channels; and treatment and sediment collection systems, such as sediment traps and treatment ponds. Erosion control and retaining structures are included in the evaluation as they function as sediment source control.  Maintenance aspects are being evaluated in SWMP and the effectiveness of the proposed stormwater approaches and improvements. 

Sewer Master Plan

The Sewer Master Plan (SMP) provides a comprehensive assessment of the wastewater collection system.  The SMP also gerates the capital improvement plan which is required by NRS and the basis for financial planning, reserves, and rate setting.  

The work on this plan will be completed around April 1, 2023.

Renovations for Pump Station 3 and Reservoir

The district has several pump stations and reservoir complexes which are used to lift water from lake elevation (6,223 FASL to the top of ridge 8,000 FASL).  Station 3 was constructed in 1960's and has not been updated.  Maintenance and repairs were done as needed mut modern pumps and motors are more efficient and less costly to operate.  In addition, the 1.1 MG water reservoir on the site was contructed in 1974 of riveted steel panels cut and welded (from a used tank the district purchased).  The tank has had routine inspections and maintenance including interior painting in 2006. The focus of the work is to be pragmatic, update pumps and integrate the sizes to meet district demands and fire flow.  Because the pumps and tank work in tandem, the whole site consideration is the approach determined to be most useful and the format to follow for each of the other pumpstation/reservoir sites.

160 Pineridge Renovation

The purpose of this project is to provide district field personnel adequate facilities for Operations.  The design of the crew facilities is complete for the first floor while options to relocate the administrative office to the upper floor are being considered.

This work will commence around June 1, 2023.

FY 23 Waterline and Road Improvement Project

The purpose of this project is to continue with the steel water line replacement and renovation of the roadway.  The work includes Andria Drive from Maryanne Drive to the end; West Drive and Cougar Court are also included.

The total project will include approximately 3,200-linear feet of waterline replacement and restoration of approximately 3,200-linear feet of roadway.

This work is planned to begin around June 1, 2023.