Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Current Projects

Kingsbury GID will begin work on the current Water and Road Improvements Project. This project includes the following improvements with their estimated dates in 2022 and the roads affected.

 Waterline Replacement May 25th through Mid-September:

  • Sunflower Circle, Griffin Court, and Donna Way to Kimberley Brooke Lane have been completed
  • Tina Court is due to be completed by 9/21/22

 Road Rehabilitation Mid-July through the end of September:

  • Sunflower Circle, Eugenia Court, and Griffin Court have been completed

Roadway Section Replacements Mid-August through the end of September:

  • Tramway Dr. from Quaking aspen to the Ridge View is due to be completed on 9/14/22

 Road Sealing project for the following roads have been completed.

  •  Tramway Dr., Quacking Aspen Ln., Jack Dr., and Amy Ct.
  •  Terrace View Dr., Reinken Ln., and Edgewood Dr.
  •  Donna Way to end of Kimberly Brooke Ln., Barton Ct. & Dr., Carol Ct. and

          Drew Ct.

We are excited about completing these projects and improving our roads. For your safety and the safety of the workers on the job, please contact our office for questions or concerns and allow the workers on-site to remain focused on their work.

Any question or concerns should be directed to Kingsbury GID at (775) 588-3548 or stop by the office located at 255 Kingsbury Grade. Regular updates will also be posted on the district’s website



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