Following the evacuation, your water system remains in service and the water quality in the reservoirs and distribution lines were never compromised. Kingsbury GID continues to provide high quality service you can rely upon. 

During the Caldor Fire, some residents of Kingsbury left their properties with irrigation systems running, hoses on and even placing sprinklers on their roofs which were also left running in response to the evacuation order. Not only is this not helpful in protecting homes during intense events like wildland fires but can be detrimental to firefighting efforts and post fire water quality. 

Firefighters on the line, depend upon water supplies and the pressure in our lines. Irrigation and makeshift firefighting strategies deprive the system of needed water and in fact may jeopardize more than your property, particularly once the area is evacuated and these systems are left on while no one is observing. These types of systems pull valuable water away from where it is needed most and are too little to have an impact on combustible material should the intensity of the wildfire arrive via the forest. Firefighters place water judiciously, where it makes a difference, and they need all the water available. 

If the fire does arrive, melting of plastics and other material would be unimpeded and sucked into the water system of your home or the distribution system. These materials are toxic, placing you, your family, and neighbors at risk. The water district would be required to shut down the system, purge and test for water quality which would take additional time and expense before normal life can resume. 

Thankfully none of the homes in Kingsbury GID were lost during this fire, but it is time to prepare for the next. According to experts, hardening your home to prevent ember intrusion is one of the most effective efforts resident can take to protect their homes from wildfire. Consider preparing a checklist of all your actions which you need to complete as you leave during an evacuation order. Be sure that checklist includes turning off your irrigation system and removing any combustibles always from your home. Keep your roof clear of pine needles and ensure you are removing your outdoor decorations, furniture, and cushions to ensure these do not become the fuel which ignites near your home. 

In the event that you must evacuate, use the Wildfire Evacuation Checklist. 

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