History of KGID

The precursor to Kingsbury General Improvement District (KGID), started as a water company formed by Don and Peggy Hall in 1950 when they purchased a lot in the Palady Perkins area and tied into a small well behind their two-story home.

Later, as the Halls developed lower Kingsbury, Kingsbury Water Company was started and water mains were installed up Kingsbury Grade. As more and more people moved into the area, the Halls purchased 8 beer-brewing tanks from the Reno Brewery and hooked them together in a lot adjacent to the current water storage tanks on Terrace View.

As other groups were developing the area, smaller water systems were started which were eventually acquired by the Halls and integrated into the larger water system which was later sold to the Kingsbury General Improvement District in 1964.

  • The District is led by 5 elected Trustees and has 12 full time employees.
  • KGID pumps water from 6229 at the lake up to 7980 feet using 6 pump stations and 7 water storage tanks. We have 22 miles of roads, 33 miles of water main, and 22 miles of sewer main.
  • The General Improvement District, storm and sanitary sewer, roads and snow removal areas run up Kingsbury Grade from Market Street on the south side and, Pineridge Drive on the North side of highway 207 including all of the side streets.
  • The water service area includes Kahle Drive area, Lake Village, lower Kingsbury, and all of the General Improvement District areas.
  • KGID is a member of the Tahoe Water Suppliers Association, the Lake Tahoe Wastewater Infrastructure Partnership, Nevada Rural Water Association, American Water Works Association, and NvWARN.
  • We work closely with the TRPA, The Nevada Tahoe Conservation District, Douglas County, the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Safe Drinking Water.